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People who struggle with and are diagnosed with depression face much more than feeling blue from time to time. Many people associate temporary or explainable feelings of sadness with the condition of depression. The truth is that patients diagnosed with depression, deal with multiple symptoms and types of depression, which hinder one’s quality of life.

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Benefits of Professional Treatment

People who struggle with depression tend to be told by others in society to “Get over it,” or “Just stop being sad.” However, depression is much more complex than feeling sad. In order to avoid self-medication through alcohol or other illicit substances along with never receiving proper help, our professional treatment can help patients cope with their depression.

If you are struggling with a form of depression and are unsure of what to do, then our treatment can help you on the path toward a brighter future.

People who do not seek professional treatment for depression will struggle with the symptoms until they experience serious problems with symptoms or consider self-harm. One factor that leads to this is people feeling they are alone in their struggle with depression, which is not true. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA, finds that about 322 million people worldwide live with depression.

Depression is a type of mood disorder that results in persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest. With multiple forms of depression, there are a variety of symptoms and conditions caused by the depression. Seeking professional treatment is the first step toward a healthier lifestyle. Benefits of depression treatment include:

  • Finding a healthy balance of medication and psychotherapy to cope with symptoms
  • Learning to adapt to a crisis or difficulty
  • Identify and replace negative behaviors or thoughts with positive ones
  • Learning to set and follow-through on realistic goals
  • Finding healthy and effective ways to solve problems
  • Identify issues that contribute to depression and the behaviors that make it worse
  • Regain a sense of satisfaction and control in life to help deal with depression
  • More than Random Emotions

    We may combine specific medication with therapy to help the patient continue through the treatment process. There are multiple factors that are suspected to lead to depression, but not necessarily one specific cause. Since chemicals in the brain can dictate behavior, treatment is not always as simple as just trying to be happier.

    On top of that, environmental factors can help people to harbor unhealthy personality traits that lead to depression. With multiple factors, people seeking generic treatment from self-acclaimed self-help books or through their own attempts at medication will only risk increasing the struggle. While certain books on depression can help, the book alone may not be enough.

    Causes of depression can include:

  • Biological differences in the brain
  • Chemicals in the brain functioning differently than others
  • Unbalanced hormones
  • Traumatic or stressful events
  • Environmental factors or unhealthy lifestyles
  • Family history of depression

  • The patient’s age can also be a factor in the type of symptoms the patient experiences. No matter the cause, it is important to receive professional guidance for treatment. By doing so, the patient will be able to receive customized treatment and find effective coping techniques. We can help you target the areas of life in which your depression gets in the way, providing you with the tools and methods to work through those issues.

    The Treatment Process

    In order to customize the patient’s treatment, we will need to conduct a psychiatric evaluation. This will help determine the type of symptoms and severity of depression the patient is struggling with. We will ask a series of questions about the patient’s mood, appetite, level of activity, sleep pattern and thoughts.

    We will then diagnose the patient by connecting symptoms with their answers to the questions. Following the diagnosis, we will go over the treatment plan and begin treatment. Contrary to the stereotype of mental health care, most treatment plans will not involve the patient being admitted to a facility. In fact, many go through treatment while continuing their daily life and routine.

    While some people may need to stay under medical supervision or in a facility for the first stage of treatment, it depends entirely on the patient. Our goal is to help the patient find the coping techniques and balance in life to work through the depression and issues that result from it.

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    By seeking treatment today, you can begin the path to healing and a brighter future. The first step is to call us and schedule an appointment. Do not let your depression get in the way of your quality of life.

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