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Do you need Percocet detox? Percocet is the brand name for a drug that combines two distinct pain relievers, oxycodone and acetaminophen. Doctors typically recommend it as an effective painkiller, as it can keep you energized to pull through the day, particularly when the pain is unbearable. However, Percocet should be used with caution because even using it as a prescription can lead to dependency, which may necessitate a Percocet detox.

Oxycodone, the more powerful of the two compositions, is a regularly prescribed opioid with a higher risk of overuse and addiction. If you are dealing with a physical dependence on Percocet, stopping without proper medical detox can be a hard and painful process. To curb dependency on Percocet, the pain medicine must be wholly cleansed from your system.

Although Percocet detox is usually unpleasant, patients do not always have to endure unbearable discomfort. The most appropriate way to guarantee complete and permanent recovery from Percocet addiction is via a medical detox center.

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The symptoms of Percocet withdrawal

Within the first 12 to 30 hours of stoppage, the symptoms most Percocet dependents face include:

  • Sweating
  • Insomnia and yawning
  • Running nose
  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Excess tearing
  • Muscle pain

  • Other symptoms of Percocet withdrawal include abdominal cramping, goosebumps, nausea, vomiting, dilated pupils and diarrhea. The duration of the withdrawal process can be between five days to three weeks, depending on the quantity of Percocet used and for how long. The symptoms above are usually experienced later during withdrawal.

    The danger of Percocet detox at home

    Physical dependency on the drug typically takes only a week. If the patient continues to use the medication for weeks, months or even years, it has many adverse effects on the physical health. Percocet alters the natural endorphins in the body, causing stress, physical pain and anxiety.

    Extended usage drives your body to create a tolerance where more dosages of the drug are required to achieve the desired effect or just to get relief from minor chronic pain. The fear of facing this pain is a major deterrent for patients seeking treatment for dependence to prescription pain medications.

    During withdraw from Percocet, it is normal to expect physical pain, which can often be severe. The withdrawal process is so intense that most times, a “cold turkey” detox is ineffective because of the high amount of pain. Without a clinical Percocet detox, the urge to use will be great, and without constant supervision, patients typically return to drug usage.

    The ill feeling of nausea and vomiting resulting from Percocet detox will make eating and drinking difficult. Dehydration is a common phenomenon that makes unsupervised detox the most threatening. There have been cases of death from dehydration from a “cold turkey” detox from Percocet.

    "Cold turkey" detox from Percocet is risky and should not be undertaken for any reason. It will put you through debilitating pain that is unnecessary and threaten your health. Pain medication detox performed under the supervision of professional medical and clinical staff is always the best choice.

    Inpatient Percocet detox

    The detox and recovery center aims to ensure every patient gets a unique treatment procedure. This is the most effective way to guarantee a lasting recovery. Every client is different, and the treatment will be designed to fit the patient’s journey to recovery.

    Every detoxification process for opioids comprises a taper from the drug replacement opioid-based medications to inhibit urges that follow drug addiction. You may also get Medication Assisted Treatment, usually suggested for those who require extra inhibiting elements for yearnings and anxiety. To ensure maximum comfort, the doctor may place you on medications to alleviate nausea and give you a restful sleep in the evening.

    The Percocet detox program is created to be safe and comfortable and help you on your path to complete recovery from dependency. By assisting you to curb your physical addiction to prescription pain drugs, the detox center is placing you on the road to successful rehabilitation and recovery, which will ensure you can once again live a drug-free life. You will also get the resources required to live without the drug after treatment, to make a seamless integration back into the community.