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Even with a physical condition or illness, medical professionals will conduct an examination to diagnose the problem and ensure the patient receives the proper treatment. The same goes for mental health treatment. At Better Mental Health, we use a psychiatric evaluation to help understand and assess the patient’s mental condition. We can match the patient’s results with a specific mental illness and recommend treatment.

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Customized Treatment through Evaluation

Since a patient can struggle with more than one mental illness or other conditions at the same time, it is important to go through a professional exam. This will also help us to customize your treatment to specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for mental illness. We will help to find the treatment for your needs.

We can help provide treatment for you to learn the necessary coping techniques and methods to work through the mental health issues toward a brighter future.

While everyone faces difficulties in life and struggles to deal with the emotions that come with it, other people struggle with more prominent and damaging mental health issues. For instance, some people may feel sad after a breakup or a tragic event in life but will eventually get over it. People with depression will struggle with much more powerful and frequent feelings of sadness.

Due to this, people may not even realize they are struggling with a mental illness for months or even years. With any mental illness, there are multiple levels of severity the patient may struggle from minor to severe. People who try to self-medicate with alcohol or other illicit substances will increase the risk of developing an addiction that only fuels the mental illness.

With a psychiatric evaluation, we can help to measure a patient’s:

  • Physical fitness
  • Medical history
  • Personal history
  • Mental health history
  • Cognitive ability

  • These are only a few of the possible categories that a psychiatric evaluation may involve. We will take the responses to the evaluation and match it up with the condition for a diagnosis. Even then, patients with similar conditions may have a different treatment process.

    Understanding Psychiatry

    Psychiatry is the field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. As a psychiatrist, our team strives to provide customized treatment for patients. While people may assume that treatment only involves medication, therapy plays a significant role as well.

    For us to customize the treatment, we will need to review several areas of the patient’s health through a psychiatric evaluation.

    Physical and Fitness and Medical History

    Everything in the body is connected. A physical condition can also impact one’s mental health and alter brain chemistry. With a physical examination, we can determine if the cause of the pain is a mental illness or physical condition. We can also review one’s medical history for any other conditions or medications the patient is taking.

    Personal History

    These questions will focus on the patient’s lifestyle ranging from “Are you single?” toward “What sort of work do you do?” With these questions, we can measure the stress in one’s life and find the sources of stress that may also be encouraging the patient’s condition.

    Mental Health History

    While we are conducting this evaluation to learn about the patient’s mental health, we will ask about any past mental health issues. If the patient has struggled with any conditions or issues prior to this evaluation, we need to know in order to provide more effective treatment. If a patient’s family has a history of a certain condition, it can help us to diagnose the patient.

    Cognitive Ability

    We will also assess the patient’s cognitive ability by reviewing their ability to recall information, use reasoning and think clearly. This helps us to gauge the patient’s level of focus and memory to help identify a specific condition as the source. This can also include questions about a patient’s ability to complete daily tasks.

    Begin Treatment Today

    This evaluation is the beginning to customizing a treatment plan for your needs. Instead of struggling with a mental illness or condition, seek our professional treatment. We will take the time to understand your condition and provide support throughout the treatment process. We will help the patient learn the necessary techniques and methods to continue fighting and beating the condition in the future.

    You do not have to fight this battle alone. The path toward a brighter and healthier future is just around the corner. The first step is to seek help. Call us and schedule an appointment today for the psychiatric evaluation.

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