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Are you looking for a few tips on relapse prevention? Being addicted to a certain substance and then recovering from that addiction can be a very difficult journey. The last thing someone wants to happen when they are recovering from an addiction is to relapse.

Even having the best intentions does not always work, so learning some tips that can help prevent falling back into bad old habits can be very beneficial to staying clean and sober. Having a support system in place is also recommended, as many people who are recovering often feel alone.

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10 tips for relapse prevention

The following is a list of ten tips that can help someone avoid relapsing.

1. Identify triggers

Identifying triggers is extremely important and is one of the first steps in one’s ability to recognize what the addiction is causing them to do. Stress is a common relapse trigger, making this a good place to start.

2. Do not ignore problems

Ignoring problems does not make them go away and instead only makes them worse.

3. Keep in touch with your feelings

When someone is in touch with their feelings, they are not only learning how to deal with any of their feelings as they come up but they will also know how to understand and even prevent feelings that can lead to their relapse.

4. Find a support group

Finding a support group that includes others who are going through the same thing can be very beneficial, as no one wants to feel alone.

5. Practice good self-care

When someone takes good care of themselves, it tends to make them feel better about themselves. Grooming, signing up for a sport or doing something fun at least once a day can be a great well-being boost.

6. Make new friends

Making new friends is a great way to avoid hanging out with any old friends that were a part of the addiction.

7. Eat well, exercise and sleep well

Choosing to eat a diet of nutritious foods is smart as this allows someone to feel well overall. Exercising raises the feel-good hormones in the body and allows for a good night’s sleep, which is extremely important to overall good health.

8. Make a backup plan

A backup plan can come in really handy for those certain situations that may cause someone to be tempted to relapse, such as at birthday parties or sporting events.

9. Keep a contact list on-hand at all times

When someone is experiencing difficulties for whatever reason, keeping a list handy of people to contact is a great idea. The list should only include people that can truly be there in someone’s time of need.

10. Create a balanced life

Creating a balanced life equals a healthy life and requires one to make sure that they are never bored. This includes focusing on the positive and living in the moment!

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Now that you learned some tips for relapse prevention, do you have any questions for us? The above tips can be extremely beneficial when it comes to preventing you from relapsing so if you happen to have any questions about any of the tips, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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